Woven Label

The Cadillac of Labels:

Fashion labels are an important way to distinguish your brand. Of all of the labels and tags that are put on clothing, the Woven Label is the Cadillac of labels. Whether you want the silky smoothness of a Satin label, the sharp image of a High Definition Damask label or even the natural textured feel of a twill label what you want to represent your brand will be embodied in the type of woven label you choose. We have production facilities around the world that will produce the highest quality fabric labels to deliver to you or your contractors. Click on the image above to see images of the quality labels we have produced or click on the right hand side to request a Free Catalog with samples.

Key Information:

Sample Lead Time: 2 to 5 working days.
Production Lead Time: 5 to 7 working days depending on quantity ordered.

Things to Consider:

  • Order Minimum: 5,000 pieces.**
  • Different weaves: Taffeta/Twill, Satin, Premium Satin, Damask, Premium Damask and Shuttle Loom.

** Order Minimum is subject to change.
For tips on how to submit your artwork to us.

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